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Matt Granberg

Our Sisters' Cries

Recovering from the scars of the Iraq War, retired US Army Staff Sergeant Leland Engelmann returns home to the Crow Indian Reservation, seeking solace amidst the vast prairies of eastern Montana. However, his quest for peace fades to black as a new battle festers on the landscape. Native American women and teens are vanishing at an alarming rate, trapped in the clutches of a chilling surge in drug cartels and human trafficking. Engelmann’s teenage niece, Naomi, has recently fallen victim.

Engelmann refuses to stand by as a little-known humanitarian crisis erodes the Crow Tribe, the American West, and the land he swore with his life to defend.
Grappling with his past that is haunted by the echoes of war, Engelmann is drawn into a relentless chase to rescue Naomi and expose the sinister networks preying on his community. His pursuit of justice bridges friends and enemies across racial and cultural divides scarred by social, ethical, and moral injustices. Engelmann’s fortitude and determination ignite a gripping narrative that threatens to unravel the threads binding his family and people.

Anticipated release- Late 2024.

Who is Matt?

Matt Granberg, a Montana-based writer and combat veteran, narrates challenging social injustices through thrilling, cutting-edge fiction.

Matt spent the last decade living on the Crow Reservation, where he witnessed the hardships and injustice of an impoverished society. He infused his battlefield experiences and concern for Native American tribes across the Western United States and brought them together for his debut thriller novel, Our Sisters Cries.

Granberg portrays the diverse flora and fauna from the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains and reflects it throughout his detailed prose.

Matt's Writing


     On this literary journey with Matt Granberg as he engulfs you in thrilling and harrowing prose. Become a part of the stories conjured by the mind of this writer.  Embrace the tales of the victims and vigilantes as the stories unfold, proving the innocence and condemning the guilty.

     Matt not only delights but stretches the imagination of those who dare to come along for the ride.

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